Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weekend Fun

Tyrone finally caught some fish after all of the kids came back to the camp site.
Clint & Douglas fishing.

Tyrone casting Douglas' fishing line.

Cheyenne, Linda, Tracy, Hannah

Jacob getting ready to fish.

Mary fishing.


Tracy and Hannah (mother and daughter)

Cheyenne and Clint

Clint playing "spaceballs" or baseball

Mary and Tracy

Mom coming out of the outhouse. (suprise)

Mary, Clint, Hannah, Cheyenne & Tracy

Dad just relaxing after setting up camp

Clint loved sitting in this chair.

We usually go camping every Memorial weekend but this year we postponed it because Tracy and Hannah came for a visit and Tracy wanted to go camping. It was a fun weekend. Everyone seemed to have a great time. I have more pictures and stories to tell but I have to go for now. I will post more later.

Graduation Day

This is a little late but I have been slacking on my posting. My nephew Todd graduated high school at the end of May. I cannot believe that he is out of high school and headed off to college.

first fishing trip

first fishing trip
feeding the ducks while fishing