Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

It is not quite 2010 but I plan on going to bed shortly after I ring in the new year. We had friends over to help celebrate New Year's Eve. Tyrone and Tom both have to work tomorrow so they called it a night earlier than the rest. Mom and Crissy stayed till 11:00 and I let the boys stay up till 10:45pm (I hope they sleep in) Now I am just waiting for the clock to ring midnight so that I can go to bed. Although with all the food that I ate I may just stay up and walk/exercise so that I can loose all the weight that I gained tonight.

I love the new year because I can make new goals (and hopfully accomplish them). I hope that 2010 brings joy and happiness to everyone.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas

Mary and Arianna singing a song for our little program.

The "Big Guy" made an appearance. Clint and Santa

Douglas and Santa

Tiffany, Todd, Mom, Dad and Gage.

Tiffany, Todd and Gage

Here is hoping that my pictures uploaded to the computer earlier today. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas. Thursday the boys and I went down to Phoenix to celebrate Christmas Eve with my family. It was a blast. The boys each got their own suit case and a shake and go car. Clint also got a cool toy that teaches the letters and lots of other neat things. Douglas got a cool remote control car that spins around. I got new utensiles a pizza stone, pizza cutter and pastery roller. Tyrone got some tools that he wanted.

Chirstmas morning Tyrone's family came over for breakfast. Santa brought Clint a new bike, a Spongebob game that he wanted and a candy cane filled with m&m's. Santa brought Douglas a Leapster2 along with a carry case and 2 games, a small buzz lightyear and a candy cane filled with m&m's. We all got everything that we asked for plus more. It was nice spending time with family.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone???

Here it is 6:00am and already this is not a good day. Besides having a headache I am sad:( Last night when I got home our two dogs started fighting (looked like playing at first). In order to get our new dog to get off of and stop bitting we had to get the hose out and spray her with water. Not a good sign. Any way with two small children and with other children over all the time we (Tyrone and I) felt that it was not safe to keep her anymore. The bad thing is we really cannot give her to someone else because of her being agressive and the animal humane place would not keep her or try to adopt her out. With that said, Tyrone took her for a ride this morning:( When Douglas goes outside to play today I am sure he will ask "where his dog is." Boy sometimes having pets stinks. I just had to get this out because it makes me sad that we have to do this. I liked the dog too but I have to think of the safety of others and her agressive behavior is not safe. On that note. I hope everyone has a better day/week.

first fishing trip

first fishing trip
feeding the ducks while fishing