Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where has my garden gone?

We planted a garden of watermelon, tomatoes, bell peppers, and pumpkins. Last week we noticed that our tomatoes were all gone the plants still there but the almost ripe tomatoes gone along with some of our watermelons.

Needless to say we were very sad cause we were thrilled because it is the first year that our garden has done this good. Any way, yesterday I had someone weedeat the weeds in the back and low and behold there were more tomatoes growing and we had 6 watermelon!!!!!! The good news is we found out who/what ate the veggies. It was a BIG javalina! He even had the nerve to try and eat more from our garden this morning but we scared him off. Our veggis are safe for now.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award I have received an award...and I am so excited!

Kim over at Nothin but love gave this award to me. I'm required to nominate 7 other bloggers who I feel have a Kreativ blog, and they are supposed to nominate 7 others too. (Be sure to leave a comment on their blog about the award.) After they accept the award, they are then asked to write a list of 7 things that their blog readers may not already know about them.

7 things that you may not know about me:

1. I graduated college, got a job and got married in that order all in the same year.

2. I like playing in the snow.

3. I just started weight watchers.

4. I hate mushrooms and avacado

5. I am shy around people that I do not know very well.

6. I like to play the piano when I am feeling down or upset.

7. I have some of the best friends and family in the world!!!!

There you have 7 things that you might have not known about me.

Here are the people that I tag:

Karen at The Karen Hill Family

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Natasha at All about Natasha

Marche at Two's Company, Nine's Marche's Crowd

Nadine at My Life with Bonnie and Clyde

Jenny at The Davenport Family

If anyone else is interested in this award please take the award and leave a comment about it!

first fishing trip

first fishing trip
feeding the ducks while fishing