Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Clint's preschool class was asking if we had any chicks because they knew we had chickens. So Tyrone drove to Prescott today to pick up chicks. Here is a picture of Tyrone and his chicks pecking him.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I know these are a little late but these are some pictures I took when it snowed in Bagdad. We took a little drive out towards WildHorse. I love the snow and actually miss it sometimes.


When Tyrone came home from work this morning this is one of the things he had. The boys love flowers and always want to smell them so Tyrone had them both carry the flowers to me and tell me that "their daddy loves me." How sweet!! I love that sometimes I get flowers for no reason at all. I have the best husband in the world!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Rise and Shine

5:30 am I hear a noise in the boys room. Trying hard to wake up enough to really listen to what it was I finally figure it out after just a short minute. It was Douglas going through the toy box trying to find the perfect toy. Did I say it was 5:30 am? I drag myself out of bed (because Tyrone is at work still). I go in the bedroom and sure enough Douglas is headed towards the door with his arms loaded with toys. He looks up at me and says his famous words "I had good dreams." Of course I am happy that he had good dreams but let me remind you again that it is 5:30 am so I did what any mother would do. I calmly tell him that it is not time to get up and I cover him back up in bed (toys left on the floor). We both go back to bed and 30 minutes later we are both up for the day.

I wish I had the same energy as kids do. Hopefully we both have a good day today:) We both tend to get a little crancky when we get tired. I love my little guys.

Monday, March 8, 2010

We're Jerks!!

To tell this story I have to go back to the year 2002. Tyrone and I got married November 19, 2002. What a happy time that was for us. We got gifts, cards with money and gift cards in them and many people wishing us luck and happiness. It was wonderful!!

Move forward one year. I was in the hospital for 9 weeks with my first pregnancy. Tyrone had to rush down to Phoenix in the middle of the night and apparently left the house in a mess ( like most guys do). Well before we came home from the hospital some friends and family cleaned our house for us and in doing so put some cards/mail in a bag. I never sat down and offically looked through the bag of cards/bills. The bag got put in our closet and when I would clean I would think "I should go through that bag and see what needs or can be thrown away."

Now flashforward to the year 2010. Our house is being inspected this Wednesday so to get ready I started by cleaning my bedroom really good (going through this bag of cards/bills). I found many cards we got from our wedding/bridal shower. It brought back good memories. Well this is what I found in 8 cards. A total of $155 and $85 in gift cards. Oh my goodness how the heck did we forget about these?!?!?!

I feel so bad that we missed these and now I am wondering did we even send these people thank you cards for the gift? Well too late now. I told Tyrone tha we are jerks (as that is his favorite line to say).

By the way I don't think anyone that reads my blog was affected by this mishap in any way. Oh and yes the gift cards still have money on them:)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Conversations with a 5 year-old

This week Clint has said some things that have just baffled me.
Earlier this week while we were getting ready to eat dinner he told me
C- "I'm ready to live in Heaven."
M- "Well, I'm not ready for you to go live in Heaven."
C- "How come."
M- "I'm not ready to go live in Heaven."
C- "Oh, when you are ready to go live in Heaven then I will be ready too."

I don't know where he got that from. The only thing I can think of is that the last few months he has been asking alot about his older sister who is living in Heaven. Boy had I better make sure that I am living my life so that I am ready to live in Heaven.

Then yesterday he told me that I can go help in his classroom. I talked to his teacher today and I am going to help in the classroom next Thursday so that Tyrone can take care of Douglas for me. I am excited and I think Clint will be too.


I took Douglas to the park the other day while Clint was at school. There was another little boy there that was playing on the skate park. Normally I do not let Douglas play over there but I had a moment of weekness. This is what he was doing. He would run up one side of the skate park around and then slide down on his tummy. It reminded me of a seal. He had a great time and even fell asleep in the stroller on the walk down to get Clint from school.

first fishing trip

first fishing trip
feeding the ducks while fishing